Lab Members

Graduate research
Jack Winans – Jack will join us starting in the Fall of 2018!
Katherine Kling (co-advised with Dr. Pat Wright)

Undergraduate research
Marlee Harris – Energetic consequences of intergroup competition in savannah baboons
Christina Lo – Patterns of grooming and grooming reciprocity in Eastern chimpanzees
Tom Rigby – Movement patterns of fledgling bald eagles
Jessica Rivera – Predictors of nest failure in bald eagles

Undergraduate teaching assistants
Layne Mapes – Evolution of Human Behavior (EBH 200; Fall 2017)

Undergraduate interns
Thanusha Thambithurai

Past undergraduate interns: Tristan Arnau, Adrianne Cavaioli, Francesco Fasano, Layne Mapes, Kyle Mooney, John Navilio, Mariellen Noel, Petra Peretin, Tom Rigby, Jessica Rivera, Klara Shand, and Collin Wildridge

Current lab members: Click here to access our password-protected page