Lab Members

PhD research
Jack Winans
Katherine Kling (co-advised with Dr. Pat Wright)

MA research
Miranda Turner (starting Fall 2019)

Undergraduate research students and interns
Kennedy Thomas (starting Summer 2019)

Undergraduate teaching assistants
KeriLynn Cronin (starting Fall 2019)
Justine Marcinek (starting Fall 2019)

Past lab members
Past undergraduate honors students and advanced researchers:
Tom Rigby – Movement patterns of fledgling bald eagles
Marlee Harris – Energetic consequences of intergroup competition in savannah baboons
Christina Lo – Patterns of grooming and grooming reciprocity in Eastern chimpanzees
Jessica Rivera – Predictors of nest failure in bald eagles

Past undergraduate interns:
Tristan Arnau, Adrianne Cavaioli, Francesco Fasano, Layne Mapes, Kyle Mooney, John Navilio, Mariellen Noel, Petra Peretin, Tom Rigby, Jessica Rivera, Klara Shand, Thanusha Thambithurai, and Collin Wildridge

Past undergraduate teaching assistants:
Emily Jefferson, Layne Mapes

Current lab members: Click here to access our password-protected lab page